Lady Vanessa I and II – Thigh High Boots from AROLLO

Almost exactly one year ago, we were happy to present you the two new AROLLO Thigh High Boots named Lady Vanessa I and Lady Vanessa II

The idea was to ask Lady Vanessa, Germany´s most known Fetish Diva, if she would like to design one or two Thigh High Crotch Boots for AROLLO. 

We had a longtime business ship before, so we thought our question would be ok. And it was. She knows the AROLLO style. So she had not that big problem to get two Thigh High Crotch Boots drawn, which were to 100% AROLLO style. 

After we had the first drawings in hand, the work started for us. We had to decide about the leather, type and quality,  the metal applications, the material of the heels and many, many little things more. A lot of mails and video conferences were necessary to get all together. After 3 month, finally we were so far to order the first sample boots.

One we received the first Samples we were not happy at all. Our manufacturer held on the design and used all the materials we wanted to 100%. But the processing for the metal applications for Lady Vanessa II and the rhinestones for Lady Vanessa I weren’t the way we wanted and needed. It took a long time and many Mails explanations  to get our manufacturer to understand what we need. But it succeeded.

The 3rd samples were just perfect and we were ready to order. We got the boots and then only a few pictures for the product description had to be shot. Of course no one else then Lady Vanessa herself took our boots out for two sessions. 

Today, after 12 month on sale, we know the Lady Vanessa created something special. We can not immaginge to have those two styles not in the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Collection. Many, many positive customer feedbacks can not lie.  

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The most elegant Overknee Boots from AROLLO

AROLLO Boots is an Austrian brand, well known for theirs graceful, chic Overknee Boots.  All boots are made of real high quality leather. 

Talking about Overknees means, that the shaft ends about 10 to 15cm above the knee. If the shaft is longer and reaches almost to the crotch then the boots name are Thigh High or Crotch Boots. 

If you are looking for Overknee Boots or Thigh High Crotch boots for your first time, we recommend to start with a pair of Overknees first. Also you should care about some simple rules to stay elegant and chic. Especially when you want to wear the boots in public. You certainly do not want to get wrong reactions from the men’s world on the street.  

Choose black, brown or even grey as color. Avoid yellow, red or blue. Only take boots made of real leather, renounce PV or latex. Black leather Boots are easy to combine. 

Do not choose shirts, pullovers  or blouse which are cut out to deep. The boots are erotic enough. You do not need to show too much skin. The boots should be the only eye catcher.  You can wear a mini skirt or Hot Pans that´s no problem. Even a Blue Jean looks still elegant. Some prefer High Heels, some not. It is just up to you how high the heel should be. But remember: Stay simple with the rest of your outfit, especially if you choose High Heel Overknee Boots. 

On AROLLO`s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on) you can see some really nice and chic combinations for any day use. Also you will find some examples for special uses…

Here some examples for elegant and chic combinations with AROLLO Overknee Boots. 

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