Daniela from Germany – our newest member of the AROLLO Boots Family

We are proud to present you our newest member of the AROLLO Boots Family.

Daniela from Germany, 35 years, ambitious competitive athlete as well as latex and leather lover.

Daniela from Sachsen – Anhalt contacted us in mid of January 2018. Because of her love of High Heel Boots, she became aware of AROLLO through our presence on Facebook and Instagram. Daniela applied via email as an AROLLO boot model. It quickly became clear that she would go well with our philosophy of presenting our newest Overknee Boots for everyday use. Her figure-fitting outfits combine perfectly with our boots. With the Thigh High Boots Lady Vanessa I, Daniela has chosen an extravagant and noble style. The boots emphasize their sprightly – slim figure and just fit perfectly.

The subsequent photo shoot was divided into several locations. Daniela was perfectly staged outdoors, in a café, and also in a shopping mall. The pictures convey a touch of eroticism, but most of all the possibility to be able to wear this type of leg wear in everyday life. She told us in a feedback after the shooting, that the boots not just only look great, they are absolutely comfortable to wear.  Of course we are especially happy about that, because AROLLO boots are more than just an optical accessory for the special hours in life.

We would like to thank Daniela for the excellent cooperation and look forward to another shooting in the summer.

If you also want to become a member of the AROLLO Boots Family, please contact us at arolloboots@gmail.com.

Here a sample from the collaboration with Daniela from Germany:


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Introducing the newest members of the AROLLO Boots family

We proudly introduce the newest members of the AROLLO Boots family. Three Models from the USA and Great Britain made it into the AROLLO Boots family. We believe that we never shown before such different ways to present our high quality leather Overknee and Thigh High Boots. 

No matter for the athletic young women, the seductive wife or the strict Domina,  AROLLO boots are always the right choice. 

Mistress Chrissy:

Some weeks ago Mistress Chrissy from the US – East Coast wrote an application to become a member of The AROLLO Boots Family. Her attached pictures made the decision easy. She ordered a pair of AROLLO Thigh High Crotch Boots Julie2 and went into the studio. Chrissy combined our boots with sexy dessous and played the role of a wife, waiting on the sofa to surprise her husband when he is returning back from work. 

Leather Mistress Asia:


For sure we know that AROLLO Boots already made it into the world of adult movies, Fetish Scene and Dominas. We never did a photo shooting like this before. Leather Mistress Asia from California did this pictures for us. We are so excited to hear your comments about this way of presentation. 

Mistress Serena:

Serena from Great Britain also wrote us an application to become a AROLLO Boots Model. Her attached pictures has been amazing. So it was clear for us – we want her for promoting our boots in England. Serena took the AROLLO Overknee Boots ANNA3 Special Edition to her shooting. Autumn in England can also be nice and warm, so she decided to combine the boots with an all day outfit. Jeans and a nice black leather jacket – that’s it – not more needed to look absolutely fantastic. This combination is for all day use and perfect to wear in public. We are excited to continue for a second session together with her mentor.


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