AROLLO at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2018

AROLLO was with a small contribution at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 16.-20. May 2018 represented !!

Once again it is thanks to our brand ambassador Olga Egorova that AROLLO was able to present itself internationally. For a whole day, conferences, debates and dialogues under the motto “Development of Fashion, Opportunities and Challenges” took place in the Salon Bellevue of the Café de Paris. Prominent panelists and speakers were among others also Flavio Briatore.

Olga Egorova was invited to give a lecture on the Caspian region and the importance of the Caspian Fashion Week. Furthermore, the fashion was illuminated in the multimodal, globalized world of today. The East and the West are increasingly merging and enriching each other. AROLLO boots were presented at numerous events during the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week and were thus able to close extremely helpful contacts. We are very excited about the further developments.

Since its founding in 2008, AROLLO has always understood itself as an international company and as an international brand. Right from the beginning, we have outsourced our sales of our boots models beyond the borders of Austria and Europe. The discussions within the frame of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week have confirmed this way clearly as correct.

For the near future, we will intensify and accelerate this path even further. As a basis, a separate area will be available in the new online shop. The restart of the new shop is planned for June 2018. At this point we will then report on exact details. Here and now we want to tell you that much, that we will offer each partner the opportunity to earn money with our Overknees and Thigh High Boots.

So stay tuned and do not miss the many news that will be presented in the up coming weeks.

AROLLO at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week in May 2018:


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How do i choose the right shoe size?

It depends on the right shoe size, but how can I determine this? Especially when buying online, not always easy.

AROLLO generally applies: The specified shoe sizes correspond to the actual sizes. Ordering our Overknee and Thigh High boots it is not necessary to choose a size bigger or smaller. However, if you have an intermediate size, for example 38,5 then we recommend generally the next larger size, so size 39, to order. The slightly larger space can be compensated if necessary with an extra insole. Are the boots but too small remains only an exchange.

Sometimes it even happens that you do not know exactly which shoe size you have. In addition, shoe size charts are very helpful. Shoe size charts calculate footwear size based on foot length. So all you need to measure your bare foot from the heel to the big toe and then determine your shoe size.

What to look for when it comes to shoe size:

Pay attention to high quality materials. Leather is more breathable than plastic materials. Also, the inside of the boot should be made of leather. Since we sweat a lot, the leather absorbs or dissipates the moisture best.
If you buy Overknee boots for everyday wear, pay more attention to a round shape. Here, the toes have more space than tapered models.
A good non-slip sole made of leather or rubber is also an advantage.
When trying on your new Ovekrnees, keep in mind that your feet are thicker and more swollen in the evening than in the morning.
Especially in winter you should not try on our real leather Overknees immediately after delivery by the parcel service. The leather is often exposed for hours to very cold temperatures and, despite good packaging, shrinks. Unpack the boots so the leather can warm up for some time. Only then can you really tell if the boot fits or not.

Of course, we are always at your disposal for any questions about shoe sizes. You can use the live chat to contact us, send us an e-mail or just give us a call. We look forward to hear from you.



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