AROLLO Overknee Boots to buy over Internet or at a store?

What´s better? To buy Overknee or Thigh High Crotch Boots over Internet or at a store. The most customers are afraid to go to a store and try on such special boots. 

To protect your privacy the internet is the best way to do. You can surf for your dream boots in an relaxed and easy way. No one forces you to buy and no one will look at you when you try on the boots. 

At our Online Shop you will find a nice collection of different Overknee and Thigh High Crotch boots. Boots with plateau or without, High heeled boots or boots with low heels, extra long shafted boots and Knee high boots as well. All our styles are made of real high quality leather. To have the feeling of real leather directly to the skin is one of the main reason to buy leather boots. 

All styles are described very well.  A photo documentation  shows all details and all measurements. If you have further questions you can use our new Live Chat. Also support by phone and E-Mail is available. Our employees will try theirs best to answer all of your question immediately. 

We from AROLLO save your privacy and take care about your personal dates more than law requires.  Your payment can be done with PayPal, any Credit Cards, or by international bank transfer. All payments are SSL secure.  Of course we also offer 14 days return policy and 100% money back guaranty. To surf at AROLLO is really easy and makes shopping to a special experience. 

We would love to see you and to serve you at our Online Store.



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And the Winner is… AROLLO Photo Challenge 2017

By the beginn of march AROLLO Boots started the first AROLLO Boots Photo Challenge 2017.

All Marc long customers of AROLLO Boots were invited to send pictures and videos showing them wearing AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots.

Many, many customers followed the invitation and send some nice stories beside the pictures and the videos. 

One customer from Sidney/Australia wrote:

Your company saved my London shoot! You sent my boots in record speed to greet me. This shoot taken last month shows that I can rock your boots and even some extra room! I love your product and professionalism.

Another subscriber wrote:

I just see the challenge from arollo on the site.
I know i am one day too late but i hope i could participate with the challenge.
Last year i bought two pair of boots at the  webshop I love them both very much and i wear them a lot.
I put some pictures and the mail. So please check them and i hope i get a third pair of boots from arollo.

A subscriber form New Zealand:

Thanks for boots and chance to enter comp. I love your boots and enjoyed making movie for it and hopefully video will show how much I love them and enjoy showing them off. Lots of love from NZ in the southern hemisphere!

Finally the winner was determined with random number generator on April 3rd. 

Sigrid S. from North Germany won one Pair of AROLLO Overknee Boots Queen.

The boots are on theirs way to North Germany and Sigrid can’t wait to get her second pair of AROLLO Boots.

AROLLO send out a Voucher with a value of € 50,00 to all other subscribers who did not win. That is the way our Team would like to say thank´s  to make this challenge such a successful one. 

Here are two samples of the 1st AROLLO Photo Challenge 2017

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