Geoblocking – not at AROLLO

The term Geoblocking is understood to mean a regulation that was in force until recently in EU-wide online commerce. After that it was possible for online merchants to deny customers the sale of their products due to their origin.

Not so with AROLLO. At AROLLO, all our customers have been treated the same from the very beginning. We have focused on international trade since the first sale in 2008. Customers from all over Europe, and a few months later, from around the world, have the opportunity to shop with us. Of course, the equal treatment of all customers, no matter where they come from, also applies to the pricing. At AROLLO, the American pays as much as the German customer. also we so not compensate with the shipping costs. Because we deliver for free and this worldwide !!!!

We have never seen a burden in international sales and certainly not a disadvantage. On the contrary. What could be better than to say that AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High boots are known throughout Europe and overseas?

How some “experts” can be pleased that at least Online sellers can hide the obligation to supply is not understandable. Every online retailer should see and use the opportunities in international sales. Geoblocking has always been a blocking tool.

We will continue to pursue and improve our path of international sales. We look forward to every customer, no matter where his residence.

AROLLO sells internationally:


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First AROLLO Video Challenge 2018

AROLLO organizes the first AROLLO Video Challenge throughout February 2018.

Participate and win!!!!

All proud owners of AROLLO Overknee or Thigh Hígh Boots are eligible. Send us your AROLLO boot video via Google Drive, Wetransfer or another service provider to

The deadline for entries is February 28, 2018

On 1.3.2018 we raffle among the submitted contributions a pair of AROLLO long overknee boots Stiletto Roma. The raffle takes place by means of a random generator under exclusion of legal recourse.

The high-quality thigh high boots Stiletto Roma impress with their extra-long bootlegs. Butter soft leather clings to your legs and make them look longer visually. The 10.5 cm high Stiletto heels complement perfectly to the red sole with the striking three black anti-slip stripes.


Only riders whose videos contain AROLLO products will take part in the raffle. With the submission, all rights of use of the videos are transferred to AROLLO by MMProducts International Trading KG. The videos will be use by AROLLO in the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. published. The raffle takes place under the exclusion of legal recourse. No cash release possible. The winner will be contacted by e-mail.

AROLLO Thigh High Stiletto Boots Roma:


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