AROLLO Boots from Austria

It´s hard to believe, but the hottest Overknee Boots in Europe come from Austria and, to be precise, from Tyrol.

AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots are well known throughout Europe and beyond. Only very few people know that AROLLO is based in Austria. The brand AROLLO was created in 2008 by the two entrepreneurs Manfred Abenthung and Michael Mariani. Both are true Tyrolean and resident in the greater Innsbruck area.

With a great deal of perseverance, business know-how, and, of course, with the associated passion, we have succeeded in establishing a profitable company in the ever-growing online sector. Even the 2008 economic crisis did not turn out to be a stumbling block. We are particularly proud that all investments were made without outside help. This is still the case today. And so a company is created, which stands on economically healthy legs and is independent of external influences. This freedom of action is priceless to us. This philosophy will continue to be pursued even after the departure of company co-founder Manfred Abenthung. Michael Mariani, today the majority owner of AROLLO, says: “Being independent from banks and investors gives you a special boost – there is nothing better than being the master in your own house.”

Since the online trade location is independent, the company location plays only a minor role. Austria, and above all Tyrol, offers here a good infrastructure and very good conditions to successfully build a company. Of course, the bureaucracy could be a bit slimmer, but that would not be different in another country.

In 2018, we are already celebrating our 10th anniversary and can look back with joy, pride and gratitude. Because one thing is very clear: Without all our loyal customers nothing would have succeeded.

In the second half of the year our customers can look forward to a lot of innovations:

    new online shop with many additional languages ​​and features
1 new AROLLO Overknee model
1 new AROLLO Thigh High Crotch model
Raffle for the 10th anniversary

So we stay weighed and learn on this page the respective innovations and actions.


Last Update: 11. May 2018 • AROLLO Boots

AROLLO extra long Thigh High Crotch Boots

AROLLO, the renowned boot brand from Austria is known for its extra-long Thigh High Crotch Boots.

Of course, AROLLO offers besides the proven Overknee Boots also the extra long version of this erotic leg wear. Unlike the Thigh High Boots, the shaft of the boots reaches far into the crotch of the wearer. Thigh High Boots end at the upper half of the thigh. The extra long crotch boots are ideal for experienced boot lover. As with all boots with shaft ending above the knee, you should pay special attention to the rest of the styling by wearing extra long crotch boots.

The boots themselves are the real protagonist of the overall outfit. For the outer garments it´s better to show not too much naked skin. Well combined, even such high erotic boots are easy to wear in everyday life. Especially in the warmer months long-sleeved light blouses are good, or even one-piece mini dresses. It does not matter if the length of the dress goes beyond the end of the bootleg. After all, it remains up to each viewer to his imagination where the boot leg ends up. Even tight stretch jeans are always good and provide a great look.

Of course, the extra-long Crotch boots by AROLLO can be also combined for the special time of togetherness, or, at the right events extremely sexy. Also for these occasions the models were designed by our designers. There are no limits to imagination and creativity.

At AROLLO you will find a small but fine selection of high-quality Thigh High Crotch Boots. All our models are made of high quality genuine leather. The workmanship is noble and for all other components, such as heels, soles, zippers, etc., we have paid attention to a very high quality.

Here are a few examples from our offer:

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