Princess and Lady Olga back in stock


Princess and Lady Olga

Princess Thigh High Boots and Lady Olga Thigh High Boots are under the Top Sellers in Arollo´s collection for years. So it’s no wonder that many have been waiting hard for both models to be back in stock. Already at the beginning of January we luckily can say “They are back in stock”.  The Thigh High Boots Lady Olga are the boots for our men customers. The flat heel and the non slip rubber sole providing a safe step, and the boots are so comfortable to wear, men will not take them off. We are glad that we can offer this stylish boots now from size EU 37 up to EU 46. Get your pair now here:

Not to forget the longest boots on earth!! Which the Arollo Thigh High Boots Princess are. For this creation we designed longest boots shaft in our collection.  That’s actually what they should be called crotch boots. The shaft reaches way up to you your crotch and makes your legs look longer and slimmer. The 14,5cm High Heel does the rest. But with the 4cm high Plateau it feels like walking in 10cm High Heels. This stylish and sexy boots are available form size EU 37 – EU 44. Alle details you will find here: 

Genuine leather boots and the Story of Overknees

To take a closer look to the advantages of genuine leather boots was our Theme in a detailed Blog article we published in January. Shoe care, repair and much more advantages are provided by genuine leather boots. Read the whole article here: 

In another article we devote ourselves to the history of Over the knee Boots. Starting from the meaning over Styling Tips and a look into the History of Overknees in this article you will get to know details you never had on your radar. Click here to go to the article:

Princess and Lady Olga Thigh High Boots:

Last Update: 1. February 2023 • AROLLO Boots

Overknee Calendar, Autumn Boots, Boots for men

Overknee calendar

The new Overknee Calendar is out for sale since the beginn of September. Everyone involved in the design of the new Overknee Calendar assured us that it is the most erotic edition since the beginning. From January to December every month a different hot lady presents our amazing Thigh High and Overknees. Kendra James and Cash Diva Claudia are one of them. Like it was in the past, also this edition is a limited one. So be fast and save your copy of the new Overknee Calendar 2023 here.

Autumn Boots by AROLLO

Who does not love autumn? Especially in the forest rich areas of our earth it is the most beautiful season. The forests glow in the most beautiful shades of yellow and brown. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer again. Autumn is also the best time to think again about Overknees and Thigh High Boots. Boots that keep you warm, look elegant and also provide the necessary comfort during a walk through the forest, you will find at AROLLO.  The best example of this is our coveted Thigh High Boots Kim. A 9cm blocked heel in combination with a non slip rubber sole provides a save step and the long boots shaft will keep your legs warm. The genuine leather is so incidentally also the perfect windbreak. For all boot fans we have this unique model in sizes EU 37 to EU 46 in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Boots for men

More and more men are looking out for Thigh High Boots. But not every time it has to be a flat boots. High heel boots have their own special effect, and many men do not want to miss that. Of course, high heel boots also play an indispensable one for cross dressers and transgenders. At Arollo we created a extra category for men who looking for High Heel Thigh High Boots. Here men will find, in addition to the classic flat boots also some with high heels. 

Overknee Calendar, Autumn Boots, High Heels for men:



Last Update: 26. October 2022 • AROLLO Boots