Arollo News updated

Arollo news updated

AlsoArollo News updated

Arollo customized voucher:

Since December 2022 we offer a customized voucher. We design and create the Arollo voucher, which is orderable in our Online Shop, exactly to you specifications. You can send us an individual text and pictures, and we create a personalized Voucher for you. How to do that in detail, you can find out here: 

Goddess Leta:

Goddess Leta has been the latest member in our Arollo Boots Family. We welcomed her in December 2022. A Lady just like Arollo loves to have in the family. Erotic, with a lot of style and class, she illustrates how Arollo boots can look in everyday life. Goddess Leta is 100% Arollo style!!! If you want to become a new member in the Arollo Boots Family, so send us your application to Maybe you are the first new member, we welcome to the Family in 2023.

Arollo News updated

The year 2022 in review:

We have taken the liberty of reviewing the past year 2022 from our point of view.  Also,we are sure that many of you out there feel the same way we do: The year 2022, with all its crises, has demanded a lot from us. We all now hope that 2023 will be less stressful, and that one or the other crisis will calm down, or perhaps even dissolve. 

How, and what effects we have felt from AROLLO, and how it goes on for Arollo 2023, you can read here

Last but not least we like to thank all of our followers especially on this Blog. You keep us going, and together we can look optimistic to 2023. We wish you and all your loved ones a happy new year, stay save and healthy. 

Your Arollo Team



Last Update: 28. December 2022 • AROLLO Onlineshop

Inflation at Arollo – Arollo goes TikTok


Inflation equals price increase?

Not at AROLLO!!!

In the second week of October, we promised you that we would not increase our prices this year due to the high inflation that has been affecting us all for months. Of course, Arollo is also affected by rising raw material prices and, above all, rising transport costs. But we will leave our prices the same for this year. We see this as a small contribution to help you in this difficult time. Because right now it is important to have one or the other luxury despite all the enormous burdens. So be sure, until 31.12.2022 the prices at Arollo will remain the same. In January we will take a very close look to all. In January 2023, we will take a very close look at all cost-relevant items and recalculate them accordingly. But even there you can be assured that we will only pass on the increased costs.#

Arollo goes TikToK

Around since October 20th, we have been running our own TikTok channel. You can visit our channel here: We would be happy about every single new Like and/0r follower. 


AROLLO Boots Calendar 2023 Limited Edition – only few copies left!! Be fast and save your copy now here: 




Last Update: 31. October 2022 • AROLLO Onlineshop