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Visit us directly on site an try on the Overknee and Thigh High Boots you have ever dreamed of. The vacation season is running to the top this weeks. Possibly you are on your way to the south and have to pass through Tyrol on the way there. So why not stop by at Arollo´s headquarter in Telfs? Try on the best Overknees and Thigh High Boots right on the spot. Choose the boots that fit you best and make your summer vacation the best you ever had. So that someone is there for you and can take enough time for your boot fitting, we ask you to make an appointment by mail. Send us your request to

Summer style with Arollo Boots

Thigh High Boots made of genuine leather might not be the first thing we think about when we are talking about summer style. But there are some good reasons to consider when it comes to a quality, stylish summer outfit. In our article from July 13th you can get all important information about your personal summer styl with genuine leather Overknees and Thigh High Boots from Arollo. 

Why you should choose high quality boots

We took a closer look at the advantages of high-quality Overknees in our article form July 20th. The environmental protection is only one argument which speaks for products with high quality. Get all information about this theme here: 

Again we want to remind you to visit us directly on site. Here a some of the Overknee and Thigh High Boots you can try on at Arollo´s headquarter:


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Win now – Arollo Photo Challenge 2024

win now the main price of the Arollo Photo Challenge 2024

Win now one pair Arollo Thigh High Boots Rachel. Send us your pictures, showing you in your favorite Overknee or Thigh High Boots and take part for the raffle of the main price. Send your pictures over E-Mail to Besides the participation for the raffle, every sender receive a 10% off Voucher for the next purchase. 

Deadline for sending the pictures is April 7th 2024. The raffle will be done on April 8th 2024. The winner will receive a E-Mail. All detailed information can be found here: 

The Stalker – Part III of the exiting Story of Lady Valeria

After publishing Part I and Part II of the life story of Lady Valeria, we set down to write Part III. A stalker presents Lady Valeria with massive challenges. Read here the whole story. 

Spring and Easter at Arollo

Spring has already arrived and Easter is just around the corner. Perhaps now is the right time to think about making a change. Why not fulfill a long-cherished wish right now and finally break out of the norm. With Overknee and Thigh High boots from Arollo, you can do just that.

Haven’t you been toying with the idea of a fashionable change for a while? Trying something a little more daring and leaving the standard (shoe-wise) behind you? Then the boots from Arollo offer you a unique opportunity to do so.

With our boots, you can kill two birds with one stone. They are fashionable, elegant and sexy at the same time. Thanks to the use of high-quality genuine leather, we automatically leave the dirty corner behind. The wearer of our boots has the advantage of being able to wear them for any occasion. Whether for an elegant cocktail party in high society or for a nice time for two at home, our boots always fit. Combined correctly, they are a true all-rounder and can be used in a variety of ways. So take courage, it’s time for your first pair of Arollo overknees in genuine leather.

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