White Friday, Lady Elektra, Service for Christmas

White Friday

News from Lady Elektra: 

Lady Elektra from Germany has been one of the brand ambassadors for the German-speaking area for years. Since 2018, the year of our first collaboration, we have repeatedly promoted models from the AROLLO boot collection together. When it came to finding a suitable model for our new Chap boots, the choice was not difficult. Who better suited to show that these boots cover both segments excellently. No matter whether they are used for a professional session or as stylish trousers for an elegant evening for two. With the AROLLO Chap boots you always make the right choice. This is shown impressively in Lady Elektra’s photo session. 

Special Service for Christmas:

As every year at Christmas time, we are again offering an extended right of return and exchange this year. For all those who want to surprise their loved ones for Christmas with the extraordinary creations from AROLLO, and take into account the necessary delivery time, we are extending the right of return and exchange up to and including January 2nd, 2021. So everyone can order in good time and be sure that the boots arrive before Christmas. 

AROLLO White Friday:

For the first time we have converted the well-known BF into the AROLLO White Friday. With this promotion we offered a brand new thigh high boot model in white color at a one-time special price. What could have been better than white thigh high boots for AROLLO White Friday. We were overwhelmed by the success of this campaign. The white thigh high boots were only available during the White Friday promotion. So many regular customers, but also new customers secured a pair of these hot boots. We will start developing for AROLLO White Friday 2021 in spring.


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Interview with Olga Egorova, Summary of the latest news


Interview with Olga Egorva:

in October we had the pleasure to welcome Olga Egorova in front of the microphone. Our Fans and followers know Olga Egorova as AROLLO Brand Ambassador for Russia. Olga works with dedication and passion as brand ambassador. But she is not limited to Russia alone, anytime she´s on vacation or a businesses trip her AROLLO Boots are with her. In our latest Interview, Olga tells us exactly what it means to be a brand ambassador for AROLLO and what´s the best part of it. So, take a few minutes and read the whole Interview here……

Summary of the latest News:

To give you a better overlook of the latest news, and to those who perhaps missed the one or the other news, we added a summary of them on our Blog. We introduced to you our new boots styles. The new edition of the traditional AROLLO Boots Calendar was presented. Also, we showed you the new look of our Overknee Boots Princess and Stiletto Roma. In an other Blog article we celebrated the Comeback of the year: Because of so many requests from our regular customers, we brought back the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Julie2 to our collection.

But, it would not be AROLLO, if there is nothing special coming up in November. All who already saved a copy of the limited edition of AROLLO´s Boots Calendar 2021, got a little note what´s next in November. We will write a new  chapter around BF. BF turns out into a White Friday at AROLLO. So, do not miss any news and stay tuned to our Blog. Much better would be to subscribe to our Newsletter.

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