The most elegant Overknee Boots from AROLLO

AROLLO Boots is an Austrian brand, well known for theirs graceful, chic Overknee Boots.  All boots are made of real high quality leather. 

Talking about Overknees means, that the shaft ends about 10 to 15cm above the knee. If the shaft is longer and reaches almost to the crotch then the boots name are Thigh High or Crotch Boots. 

If you are looking for Overknee Boots or Thigh High Crotch boots for your first time, we recommend to start with a pair of Overknees first. Also you should care about some simple rules to stay elegant and chic. Especially when you want to wear the boots in public. You certainly do not want to get wrong reactions from the men’s world on the street.  

Choose black, brown or even grey as color. Avoid yellow, red or blue. Only take boots made of real leather, renounce PV or latex. Black leather Boots are easy to combine. 

Do not choose shirts, pullovers  or blouse which are cut out to deep. The boots are erotic enough. You do not need to show too much skin. The boots should be the only eye catcher.  You can wear a mini skirt or Hot Pans that´s no problem. Even a Blue Jean looks still elegant. Some prefer High Heels, some not. It is just up to you how high the heel should be. But remember: Stay simple with the rest of your outfit, especially if you choose High Heel Overknee Boots. 

On AROLLO`s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on) you can see some really nice and chic combinations for any day use. Also you will find some examples for special uses…

Here some examples for elegant and chic combinations with AROLLO Overknee Boots. 

Last Update: 14. June 2017 • AROLLO Overknee Boots

AROLLO extreme long shaft Thigh High Crotch Boots

AROLLO Boots offers for some of theirs styles with extreme long shaft.  

The Austrian well known brand for high quality real leather Thigh High Crotch and Overknee Boots does have several styles with 60 and 70cm long boot shaft. But there is one special style which has almost 90cm  extreme long shaft length!!!!

This AROLLO Top seller called Long Overknee Princess. The shaft reaches way up to the crotch. The real leather is extra soft and the slim cut guarantees a perfect fit to your legs. In combination with the 14,5cm High Heel your legs will look even longer and slimmer. The black leather Boots are easy to combine with the rest of your outfit. Do not overload your outfit with shirts or  Tank – Tops or with tops with too much cuts. The boots are sexy and erotic enough an should always be the eye catcher. 

Of course AROLLO offers also Overknee or Thigh High Crotch Boots for women who are not so tall. The Long Overknee Boots Lady Vanessa I and Lady Vanessa II do have a shaft length of 65cm and are perfect for women under 165cm body length.

Also here you can join the same advantages  then the Long Overknee Princess have: High quality extra soft real leather. Slim cut goes in hand with a tight fit with very less folding. The 12cm Stiletto High Heel and the perfect fit will let grow your legs to the sky. 

Visit now our Online Shop and get your informations about all of our styles. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you to find the perfect Overknee or Thigh High Boots for you.  


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