AROLLO at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2018

AROLLO was with a small contribution at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 16.-20. May 2018 represented !!

Once again it is thanks to our brand ambassador Olga Egorova that AROLLO was able to present itself internationally. For a whole day, conferences, debates and dialogues under the motto “Development of Fashion, Opportunities and Challenges” took place in the Salon Bellevue of the Café de Paris. Prominent panelists and speakers were among others also Flavio Briatore.

Olga Egorova was invited to give a lecture on the Caspian region and the importance of the Caspian Fashion Week. Furthermore, the fashion was illuminated in the multimodal, globalized world of today. The East and the West are increasingly merging and enriching each other. AROLLO boots were presented at numerous events during the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week and were thus able to close extremely helpful contacts. We are very excited about the further developments.

Since its founding in 2008, AROLLO has always understood itself as an international company and as an international brand. Right from the beginning, we have outsourced our sales of our boots models beyond the borders of Austria and Europe. The discussions within the frame of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week have confirmed this way clearly as correct.

For the near future, we will intensify and accelerate this path even further. As a basis, a separate area will be available in the new online shop. The restart of the new shop is planned for June 2018. At this point we will then report on exact details. Here and now we want to tell you that much, that we will offer each partner the opportunity to earn money with our Overknees and Thigh High Boots.

So stay tuned and do not miss the many news that will be presented in the up coming weeks.

AROLLO at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week in May 2018:


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The AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria  are a particularly successful creation by AROLLO. Contrary to the usual high heels for AROLLO Boots we decided to use a Low Heel for this style.  We wanted to gave customers with less High Heel experience the opportunity to buy Thigh High Boots to walk on save. That is what the only 9cm high Low Heel provides. So it´s not wrong when we say, those boots are a very good choice to start your Thigh High Boots experience. 

This boots are made for walking.  More then just one customer wrote us that those boots are absolutely fantastic and comfortable to wear, even for hours.  A round foot shape gives enough space to feel comfortable. The Low Heel gives your foot a position which is not to steep. Like for any other AROLLO Boots we also use genuine leather for the Victoria Style. It´s the best material to guaranty a high quality product, witch you can see and feel. We provide shoe sizes from EU 37 up to EU 44. Delivery is free – no matter to which destination!!! 

Alternatively to the Thigh High Boots Victoria, we also offer a Overknee Style. All features are the same. The only different between the two styles is the shaft length. The shaft oft the Thigh High version is about 73cm long and reaches way up to your leg. Your legs look longer and slimmer. For the Overknee Victoria we have a maximum shaft length of 54cm. So the shaft ends something about 10-15cm above the knee.

Both styles are absolutely wearable fo all day use and in public. For some Styling Tips just click here:

Get ready for your first experience with AROLLO Thigh High or Overknee Boots Victoria now. Our Online Shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


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