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Subscribe to one more Newsletter? Many of you have probably already subscribed to various Newsletters. Most of them are actually just annoying because the subscriber is constantly bombarded with so-called offers. Several times a week, offers are sent out that are not actually offers. Not so with Arollo.

What is the difference?

  • We only send out our Newsletter once a week
  • The latest issue arrives in your e-mail inbox every Thursday around noon – European central time 
  • In our newsletter, we don’t just limit ourselves to special offers
  • We regularly report on interesting topics relating to Overknee and Thigh High Boots
  • all detailed reports will be included in the Newsletter and are then linked
  • Furthermore, you will never miss the newest members of the Arollo boot family

More benefits…..

  • receive a 25,00€ coupon as a small thank you when you subscribe to our Newsletter for the first time 
  • not just miss the newest Overknee and Thigh High Boots in our collection, be the first to know that new boots are online 
  • get discount as the first on new boots 
  • Receive exclusive offers for newsletter subscribers only, such as vouchers, discount coupons and much more

The Arollo newsletter is an added value for all those who are dedicated to the wide range of topics in the field of Overknees and Thigh High boots. We keep you up to date with regular insights on the subject. You are sure to find information that you have not yet been aware of in this form.

Become a subscriber and stay with us. 

Last Update: 1. March 2024 • AROLLO Boots