10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Overknee Boots – Part II

10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Overknee Boots – Part II

Last week you found out in part I, 5 reasons why it´s a good idea to choose AROLLO Boots. Now we finish up with pint 6 to 10.

6. The customer is king                                                                                                                    For AROLLO this is not just a saying. We are lucky about 100% customer satisfied on Ebay and over 4,5 from 5 stars at Trusted Shops. But this doesn’t mean that we are flawless. If sometimes something work out wrong, at AROLLO the boss in person will care about your problems. Fast and uncomplicated decisions for the customers are also a part of this high percentage of customer satisfaction.

7.  Confidential handling of personal data.                                                                                  The purchase of Overknee or Thigh High Crotch boots is sometimes a very personal, sometimes also intimate business. Therefore it is particularly important to handle personal data with responsibility. AROLLO does far more than the law requires. Customer data are not passed on to third parties – Arollo customer protection! The data given by the customer when submitting the order are stored electronically and are only used for statistical purposes . 

8. We are member at Trusted Shops                                                                                             Of course we are proven member at Trusted Shops. Trusted Shops is a seal of approval for the Online business.  To become a member of Trusted Shops it is necessary to meet their high requirements. As bonus for you is, that your purchase is insured for 2.500,00€ – same like at PayPal. 

9. AROLLO Boots made to measure                                                                                              As special service we provide a 100% handmade shaft change into your measurements. Sometimes it is possible that our measurements of the shaft will not fit your legs. Then we can offer to change the shaft in exactly the measurements you need. More about boots made to measurement you will find here.

10. Numerous references of famous models of the fetish scene                                              We are so proud of this!! Numeros of international Lady of the Fetish Scene are wearing our boots, and they love them. Lady like Fetish Liza, Monique Montiniére, Heike The Fetish Queen, Sini Ariell Tarkkinen, Ingela Swedish Exotica, Stella van Gent and many more.

So make yourself to a Queen and we will see us at www.overknee-stiefel.net 





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10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Overknee Boots – Part I

10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Boots. In the world wide web are thousands and thousands offers for Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots. It is almost not possible to see clear through this dschungel of sellers and online shops.  AROLLO Boots offer 10 good reasons for you to choose the Nr. 1 for high quality Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots. 

1. At AROLLO you buy directly from the Designer

There is no one between the customer and the seller. No wholesaler, no middlemen only you and AROLLO. This is the way AROLLO can offer theirs high quality Boots for an attractive price. 

2. All styles are designed by AROLLO

Every year AROLLO designes 1 or 2 new Overknee or Thigh High Boots. All styles you will find at our  Online Shop are designed by AROLLO. We do take care to high quality materials. Only  real leather is used to produce ou boots. We renounce of latex or PU. The craftsmanship is very high and you will feel it by wearing our boots.

3. Exactly product description on our Online Shop 

On www.overknee-stiefel.net you will find all our currently available styles. Each style does have his own product description. You can find all necessary measurements and pictures which shows important details as well. Informatic side pages informs you about styling tips, materials, history of Overknee boots and much more. 

4. Right to return and money back guaranty: 

For sure you have the right to return your boots within 14 working days after delivery. You can return the boots without telling any reason. We offer a 14 days 100% money back guaranty as well. Your payment returns to your account within 1 working day after we received your boots. 

5. Additional Sales Platforms: 

Besides our own Online Shop we sell our Boots on Ebay and Amazon. On Ebay and Amazon are also no middlemen. AROLLO owns the accounts and operates them by theirs self. 

Read next week part II to choose AROLLO Boots for your next buy.

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