Custom made thigh high boots – made to measure by AROLLO

AROLLO custom made Thigh High Boots – shaft made to measure by AROLLO.

While surfing through our online shop you have found your boots you always dreamed about. But after reading the product description you realized that the boot shaft is to narrow for you. In the past your dream of sexy Overknees would have ended here. Not today!!

Since 2 years we offer Overknee Boots made to measure. We can change the boot shaft into the measurements you need. No matter if you need more circumference or less. You need a longer or a shorter boot shaft? No problem, our profession shoemaker will make it happen. All work on your boots will be 100% handmade. We only use high quality materials which guarantees a absolutely perfect result. After max. 10 working days your boots are changed into your measurements. 

Just follow the this Link to read how it works. If you have any questions about the handling do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you through your order. 

What we can change:

  • circumference of the boot shaft- more or less
  • Length of the boo shaft- more or less

What we can not change: 

  • color of the boots
  • Heel style
  • shoe size
  • color of the sole

How to measure:

Stand barefoot on the ground. 

  • Measure 15cm from the heel up – take first circumference at the height of 15cm.
  • Take circumference at strongest area at your calf  (2. point to measure)
  • Take circumference about 10cm above your knee (3. point to measure)
  • Measure the circumference at the point of the thigh where you want the boot leg to end.  (4. point to measure) 






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AROLLO Overknee Boots made to measure

AROLLO Overknee Boots made to measure now available here.

Overknee or Thigh High Boots has been always in your mind? But your search on the internet delivers always the same result. Ether the boots shaft is too wide or too narrow, to fit your legs perfect. 

Now you can be helped. AROLLO offers almost any Overknee and Thigh High Crotch boots of theirs collection made to measure. Just trop by at our Online Shop and click the button Boot Facts/My customized fit.

There you will find a full description about placing an order and how you take the different measurements.  Our support will help you through the order process if needed. Therefor you can use the Live Chat or you write an e-mail to 

In cooperation with our profession shoe maker we change the shaft into your measurements right here in Austria. Only high quality materials will be used.  100% handmade work is necessary to reach a perfect result.  

The boots are ready after 10 working days (which is the maximum). Also for boots made to measurements is worldwide free shipping guaranteed. 

So, take the opportunity now, to get your pair of Overknee or Thigh High Crotch Boots made to your measurements. Enjoy the feeling of a perfect fit, and become a proud owner of AROLLO Thigh High Crotch boots made to measurement.

Here a small selection of AROLLO Boots which can be done made to measurement: 

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