Join the Spring with AROLLO Overknee Boots

The spring wins slowly against this years especially hard and long winter. Now it´s time to sit outside, enjoy a coffee on the terrace of your favorite café. We waited a long time for that.

Just as nature renews itself in the spring, so does it happen to us humans. Spring fever comes up and we crave for fresh air and warm sunshine. Many of us feel renewed energy in the spring and use it to get rid of some bad habits accumulated during the winter. Do more sports, less smoking, less alcohol, eat less meat and, and, and. Of course you should use this energy boost and not pass it without action.

                                                                                                              Would not this be the right time to renew your style?

With AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch boots, this can easily be done. The elegant creations from AROLLO do not demand too much courage. AROLLO pays great attention to the fact that the individual boot models are also easy to wear in everyday life. A small but fine selection of different Overknees can be found in our online shop.

In addition to the individual creations, you will learn a lot about the Oveknee and Thigh High boots at AROLLO. From the materials to useful styling tips, no questions stay unanswered. And if something is still unclear, the AROLLO Live Chat is at your disposal. All inquiries via e-mail will be answered within one business day. Of course, AROLLO delivers all boots worldwide – and for free !!! We are also happy to assist you personally at our headquarters in Telfs for advice and fitting. To allow enough time for your visit, an appointment for your visit is absolutely necessary.

AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Ferari – the right boot for spring:

Last Update: 29. March 2018 • AROLLO Boots

Overknee Boots vs. Thigh High Crotch Boots

What is the difference between Overknee Boots and Thigh High Crotch Boots?

Overknee Boots:

The shaft of Over the knee Boots reaches about 10 – 15 cm above the knee. Overknees are available in a wide variety of designs and can be made from a wide variety of materials. In everyday use,  usually the boots are made of genuine leather. Genuine leather has the advantage over other materials such as latex or lacquer, to look immediately elegant and high-quality.  Overknees are almost indispensable nowadays. Since 2009, Over the knee Boots are experiencing a veritable upswing and have long since found their way onto the International catwalks. Especially Overknees made of genuine leather can be perfectly combined and are therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. Here are some styling tips on how to best combine such boots. In addition, Overknees are particularly suitable for ladies who have just rediscovered this type of shoe fashion.

Thigh High – Crotch Boots:

Actually we have to differentiate under Thigh High and Crotch boots again: The term Thigh High means that the shaft is ending well above the knee – in the middle of the thigh or just above it. Not so Crotch Boots. Those Boots are ending at the end of the Thigh – they reach up to the Crotch . Both variants are highly erotic footwear. Nevertheless, these boots can be worn in everyday life. However, one should also fall back here on the selection of the material on genuine leather. The same styling tips apply as for the Over the knee. Thigh High – Crotch Boots are the absolute must have for fashion-conscious ladies this season.

At AROLLO you will find a well selected selection of high quality overknee and high high crotch boots.

Overknee Boots by AROLLO:

Thigh High Crotch Boots by AROLLO:

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