Arollo celebrates 15th Anniversary

15th Anniversary at Arollo. Man, how time flies. In the year 2008 we started with a new businesses idea. We had the vision of selling self designed Overknee and Thigh High Boots over the internet. From the very first beginning it was clear how we can succeed.

High quality products

After month of research we quickly found out, that we want to produce boots only in high quality made of genuine leather. Also back in 2008 many sellers provided Thigh High and Overknee boots made of PU and faux leather. We did not wanted do be one of 1000. Already in August 2008 we hase been able to sell our first self designed Overknee Boot, first on eBay. The Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma were made of genuine leather in an breathtaking design. In the time of greating our first designs we also knew one thing more: Our boots should not only look good, they need to be comfortable to wear also. The combination of noble design, high-quality workmanship and high wearing comfort quickly made us very successful.

Own Online Shop:

In 2008, the business practices of Amazon and other sales platforms were not as well known as they are today. Therefore, one can confidently speak of entrepreneurial foresight when we focused on our own Online Shop from the very beginning.In order not to get dependent on Amazon and Co, we have made our online store with a lot of patience, financial effort and perseverance to what it is today. Of course, we also know that the success is also related to the fact that you accept our store so great.For this we would like to thank each and every one of you very much. We will continue to use every opportunity to develop our online store in the future to provide you with an even more relaxed and easier shopping experience.

Excellent customer service:

Due to Arollo is a small company, to offer a excellent customer service is not a big deal for us. We treat our customers according to the motto: The way I want to be treated when I have a question or a problem, is the way we treat our customers.This is certainly one of the reasons why we can proudly say that we have one of the lowest return rates in the international shoe trade.

Arollo celebrates 15th Anniversary

After we had drawn a winner from all orders received in March who received the full purchase price back, we are now organizing a survey in April 2023. Choose your favorite from the four models shown below and send us an email with your choice to. Each participant will immediately receive a 10% voucher for the next purchase. In addition, each participant will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize to be held on May 4, 2023. We raffle a voucher worth 350,00€

Arollo April survey:

Last Update: 3. April 2023 • AROLLO Onlineshop

New in the Arollo Boots Family

Boots Family

Throughout February we have again added new members in the Arollo Boots Family. Two Ladies from the Fashion and Fetish Scene joining our Family now, same as a passionate photographer from England. 

Ibti from Vienna has been the first Lady who joined the Arollo Boots Family in February. She is a fashion conscious young woman with a passion for high quality leather boots. In our Blog she told us how she felt in love with Cinderella first, and later with Arollo Boots. 

Moving on with the second new member “Wicked Heels Photography” from England. The photographer certainly has an passion for High Heels. Some years ago, he was looking for High Heel Thigh High Boots witch fits the slim legs of his Models. Of course he found Arollo´s Online Shop and ordered the first pair of Thigh High Boots right away. The ANNA2 fit perfect due to the tight cut and the perfect shaft length. For our first official collaboration we added the hot red Thigh High Stretch Boots to his boots collection. In our Blog we show you the result of it. 

The last new member so far, is Xena from Germany. As a profession Dominatrix she was looking out for high quality boots with a high wearing comfort. Once she received her first Overknee Boots from Arollo, it turns out to be the right decision. Genuine leather boots combined with a 14cm High Heel and 4cm Plateau just looks so hot on her. Find out more about Xena here. 

Visit Arollo directly on site

Yes, it is possible to visit us directly on site. You can visit us in our headquarter in Telfs. Try on the hottest boots on earth and take them right away. To ensure that someone is here for you, we kindly ask for a appointment. You can mail us to to make a appointment.

Last Update: 3. April 2023 • AROLLO Onlineshop