The winner of the AROLLO May Special 2017 is….

The AROLLO May Special 2017 endet on 31th May, and we have a winner!!

AROLLO give away 100% cash back for one order done between 1st and 31th May 2017

Joseph G. from Great Britain took his chance by placing his order over one pair of AROLLO Knee High Boots Stiletto Roma on 30th May. Joseph received 100% cashback to his account. The responsible persons of AROLLO has been surprised over the great success of this campaign. We never thought, that this will grow that big, so we decided to repeat this campaign in the near future, says Michael Mariani, CEO of AROLLO. We sincerely congratulate Mr. Joseph. G. for winning 100% cashback for his order. We are sure the boots will make you happy. 

Anyway, the next few month will be exiting. AROLLO prepares few actions for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. For example: There is one brand new Overknee Style coming up by the end of July. It is a Overknee full in AROLLO Style but with one little difference. Stay tuned and be surprised what it will be. 

A new photo and video shooting is also planned. We are very close to the decision for the setting and for the Model. One thing we can say for sure right now: It’s getting hot again!!!

AROLLO May Special 2017 100% cashback for Knee High Boots Stiletto Roma:





Last Update: 1. June 2017 • AROLLO May Special