AROLLO Crotch Boots – The winter is still not beaten

Crotch boots by AROLLO are the ideal leg dress for the winter. This winter is still not beaten. Snowfall and temperatures around -20 degrees are forecasted again in the Alpine region. Nevertheless, the woman of today does not need to freeze without giving up a sexy look.

With the extra-long Overknee Boots by AROLLO you have the ideal leg dress for cold days. Long Overknee Boots, also known as Thigh High or Crotch Boots, have an extra-high shaft that goes up to the crotch.

The boots are made of genuine leather and thus cover the entire length of the legs, they also make them look longer and slimmer.

Leather is an excellent protection against cold and especially windproof. Even with a light breeze, the actual temperature feels much colder. You are optimally protected with the Crotch boots by AROLLO.

AROLLO offers a small but fine selection of different Thigh High Boots. Different variants with or without plateau, Low Heel or High Heel, there is something for every taste.

Especially for the winter, with the accompanying slippery road conditions, the AROLLO Crotch ANNA2 Special Edition Boots are ideal. The 6cm high plateau allows a safe step even at a heel height of 16,5cm. The coarse rubber sole, which is modeled after the profile of alpine boots used in the Alps, guarantees against slipping on slippery roads.

Combine your AROLLO Crotch boots with elegant tops. They should keep you warm without sacrificing a certain elegance. Of course, genuine leather gloves are the perfect accessory. Woman can play with the length of the gloves.

Here are some examples of successful winter combinations:

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AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria with 9cm Low Heel

Last autumn we presented you the new AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria with 9cm Low Heel.

For these Overknees we have consciously decided for a slightly lower heel. The 9cm high block heel allows even ladies with less high heel experience a safe step. The slightly wider shape of the heel makes it easier to maintain balance without losing its beautiful look. The boots are equipped with a long zipper, which reaches just below the knee. This allows easy entry and exit. At the end of the shaft we have installed an expansion lip. This extends the shaft circumference up to 2cm and ensures an optimal fit of the boot leg. In addition, the shaft holds better on the leg and does not slip so easily down.

Like all Overknee and Thigh high boots from AROLLO the Overknee Victoria are made of extra soft leather. Also in the shaft interior we have processed genuine leather. The special feeling of genuine leather on the skin is guaranteed.

These high-quality overknee boots can be perfectly combined and are therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. No matter for what occasion, whether for a chic dinner party or in the dance hall, whether during daily shopping or in the office, with the Overknee boots Victoria by AROLLO you have always made the right choice.

As an alternative to the Overknee version, the Victoria model is also available in a Tigh High Crotch version. All features are the same as for the Overknees, only the shaft reaches into the crotch and thus provides endless long legs. In addition, the long overknee Victoria boots are available up to size 44.

AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Boots Victoria:

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