Goddess Pepper – newest member of the AROLLO Boots Family

Again we introduce you to a new member of the AROLLO boot family – Goddess Pepper from Los Angeles. Among numerous applications in April, Goddess Pepper also contacted us via e-mail. Her application was accompanied by meaningful images so we could quickly agree on a cooperation.

Goddess Pepper was born and grew up in Los Angeles and still lives in the Californian metropolis. She will, just like Chrissy for the East Coast, show our products on the West Coast of the US and help us raise awareness of the AROLLO brand on the West Coast.

Rarely have we had the opportunity to work with a professional from the Fetish and BDSM scene with such high education.

As a graduate of a high-caliber California university, as well as a comprehensive sports coach education, Goddess Pepper brings with her the necessary know-how and ambition to drive a brand like AROLLO. We are very happy to welcome her in the AROLLO Boots family.

As a lady with style, she has chosen for the direct presentation  our Long Overknee Boots Queen. Goddess Pepper immediately realized that with this AROLLO classic, she can cover all areas. These boots are highly erotic without being cheap. Depending on how you combine this model you can use it for any occasion. Whether BDSM party or for a Club Evening, the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen are just an all-rounder.

The heel is 13cm not too high, the slightly wider shoe shape provides the wearer pleasantly enough space for the toes. This allows you to wear these boots for hours without burdening your feet too much. As an alternative to the Thigh High Queen,  is also available as Overknee version.

Everything to find in our online shop.

First pictures from the collaboration with Goddess Pepper:

Last Update: 28. June 2018 • AROLLO Boots Models

AROLLO warehouse filled up again

Since June 19, 2018, the AROLLO boots warehouse is well filled again.

From now on all models from our offer are in stock again. Whether you’re searching for  Overknee boots or Thigh High Boots, at AROLLO you will find your boots you ever dreamed of. In our Online Shop we present all our designs. For lovers of high heels we have very attractive offers. To emphasize is certainly the series ANNA. Here we have combined platform boots with a sky-high 16.5cm stiletto heel. The approximately 6cm high plateau allows a safe step despite this approach height. The foot position remains at a comfortable angle. This will allow you to wear these boots for several hours without tiring your feet.

Overall, the ANNA series consists of 4 different models. In each case a version as Overknee and Thigh High Boots, one time with beige sole, and one time with strong robust rubber sole. The rubber sole is modeled on the coarse profile used in mountain boots. The two Overknee variants are offered from size 37 to 42. The Thigh High versions from size 37 to 44. All models and all sizes are in stock. The shipment takes place within one working day. Customers within Europe are happy to hold their new AROLLO boots in their hands within 3-4 working days. We send them directly from our warehouse to your address.

Of course you will find in our shop also creations with less high heels. Also two models with so-called low heels ( heels which are not higher than 9cm) are in our offer. The Overknee and Thigh High Victoria impress with their simple design and the shapely 9cm block heel. Just the right boots for everyday wear.

Speaking of everyday life: In July, we will introduce you to two more models from the Low Heels category. We will offer an over knee and a high high model with 3cm heel. Currently we are busy with the product photos, as well as the product description. Once everything is done, then both models are available in the Online Shop.

AROLLO Boots Series ANNA:

Last Update: 21. June 2018 • AROLLO Online Shop