Over the knee boots Victoria and Queen

Over the knee

Our bestseller Over the knee boots Victoria and Queen are back in stock and from now on available in our Online Shop. The Queen Boots are available from size EU 37-42 and the Victoria from EU 37-44. If you are looking for fashionable Over the knee Boots which are good for any occasion, both style should be on your list. Both boots are easy to combine, from elegant to sexy, just as the occasion calls for. 

Crotch Boots Princess

We have made a small change in the design of the Crotch boots Princess. From now on, these boots have a beige sole. Of course, we have not changed the enormous shaft length. So these boots remain by far the longest in our collection.  The height of the heel and the platform is still the same too. For all those who are looking for extravagant Crotch Boots, the Princess style is the one to choose. Available are they from size EU 37-44. 

Boots Fetishism and Arollo Stories

A closer look at the topic “Boots Fetishism” we took in our article at our main Blog in October. Under the title “Boots Fetishism – the fascination of Crotch Boots” we went to the bottom of the fascination of crotch boots. Get to the article here:

Als in October we published the second part of “Once upon a time a place called Noir Haven”. So many readers have written to us, asking us to publish a second part of Lady Valeria’s story. They just wanted to know how the love between her and the stranger developed. We followed our readers’ request and here it is: Noir Haven – Part II


We want to remind you to safe your copy of the new Arollo Boots Calendar 2024. 12 International Ladies from the Fashion and Fetish Scene presenting each month their Arollo Overknee and Thigh High Boots. Due to it´s a limited edition you should be fast an order here:  

Over the knee Boots Queen and Victoria


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Service and White Friday review

Service upgrade for Christmas

Also this year we have adapted and improved our service for the Christmas season. Extended right of return and even faster delivery are just two examples. So that your boots are still in time under the Christmas tree you will find all the deadlines for a timely order here: 

For all those who still need a gift at the last moment we put the AROLLO voucher to the heart. You can choose almost any amount and after you have completed the order the voucher will be delivered within seconds to your inbox. 

New: Personalized Voucher:

We design your voucher exactly according to your specifications. Just send us you request to arollboots@gmail.com We can add any picture and any message you want. 

AROLLO White Friday – review:

As the two years before, also this year we turned the Black Friday into the AROLLO White Friday. The hot AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots in white has been on sale for the third and the ultimative last time. Thank´s to all customers who made this third event to such an successful one. For 2023 we will create a totally new event. 

Example for an personalized Voucher:

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