Lady Annabelle and Miss Alina Dark

Lady Annabelle and Arollo Boots

Lady Annabelle from UK celebrated the Comeback of the year 2024. In Spring 2024 Lady Annabelle returned from her absence from social media successfully. Followers, customers and Fans of Arollo know Lady Annabelle as a member of the Arollo Boots Family. It was 2018 when she took place in our Boots Family. But soon it was time for her for a break, and she stopped her activities on the social media platforms, due to personal reasons. This year she returned with even more power, eroticism and passion. 

New collaboration 

After we took notice that Lady Annabelle returned, we used the chance for a new collaboration. Knowing her passion for Arollo Boots, it was clear to continue our partnership. And it was time to but it on a new level. Annabelle just not returned to the social media, no, she also published a brand new Website where Arollo Boots took place in a prominent position. Lady Annabelle and Arollo Boots, that just matches perfectly. 

Miss Alina Dark 

New in the Arollo Boots Family is Miss Alina Dark. The Romanian Leather and Latex Model became aware of Arollo some time ago. She bought her first pair of Arollo´s Overknee Boots Victoria, and felt in love with them immediately. The color black is dominating her outfit and what would fit better to it than our black genuine leather boots? In our Blog we introduce to you Miss Alina Dark, just click here to get to the article. 

New partnership with Be Noble

Be Noble, the well known Lable for high quality genuine Leather Fashion from Germany and Arollo Boots from Austria are now official partners. What does makes more sense than to combine high quality leather fashion with high quality leather boots? Exactly the same we thought. And so we have taken our collaboration, which has been going on for several years, to the next level. And this all to your benefit! As customer of Arollo you will receive 10% off on the entire range of Be Noble. With the code “arollo” your entire order will be 10% cheaper

So drop by at and get your high quality leather fashion to the special price. 

Lady Annabelle, Miss Alina Dark and Be Noble showing Arollo Boots

Last Update: 31. May 2024 • AROLLO Onlineshop