New Boots, New Calendar 2021, Boots for Men

new boots

September 2020 was a month, full of news: New Boots, New Calendar 2021 and a new  category has been added to our Online Shop. But let´s go step by step:

New Boots – new AROLLO Thigh High Boots:

It was at the begin of September when we introduced to you two new Thigh High Boots. First the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Lizzy went online. Lizzy are AROLLO´s first boots with a full length zipper at the backside of the boots shaft. The zipper is not only practically for an easy in and out, in this case it is an eye catcher as well. Of course those boots are made of high quality black leather and the chrome zipper and the chrome High Heel matches perfect.  Sales has been fantastic throughout the first days.

As next new style we brought out to you the AROLLO Chap Boots. Chap Boots are one of the most erotic boots at all. They cover the whole leg and go up to the waist. We created those boots with an hight adjustable belt loop, to guaranty a perfect fit. Of course a belt is included. Chap Boots should not miss in any closet. 

AROLLO Boots Calendar 2021:

The new AROLLO Boots Calendar 2021 is to most erotic Calendar we have ever done. 12 international Models from the Fashion and Fetish Scene for every single month of the year 2021. Ladies like Chiara Bianchino, Ezada Sin, Vienna Granate, just to name a few, are presenting AROLLO Boots in a very erotic way. As every year, also this year the Calendar 2021 is an Limited Edition. So be fast to save your copy.

New AROLLO Category – Boots for Men:

Also in September we added a new category “Boots for Men” to our Online Shop. We feel that men deserve an easier way to find their boots. So we created this new category, where all our big size boots found it´s place. Also boots which has been bought by men in the past are part of this category. This will give men i good overlook and an inspiration whats possible. Furthermore men will find additional information and facts about all our boots.





Last Update: 1. October 2020 • AROLLO Boots

AROLLO Overknee Boots Calendar 2018 available now!!!

Yes!!!- The AROLLO Overknee Boots Calendar 2018 is available now!!! Like every year AROLLO has not spared any costs and efforts to present you again a hot calendar this year.

Twelve international best known Models from the Fetish Scene were photographed in AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch boots. There is a fine mix between outdoor pictures and pictures which were made in the studio. 

2017 Lady Vanessa from Germany was our Covergirl for the AROLLO Boots Calendar. For 2018 we choose Gina – Queen of Heels as Model of the frontpage. Gina does have the typical AROLLO style which combines high quality real leather Overknees with high quality clothes. She mediated very well that AROLLO Boots can be use for any day and for any reason. 

Of course we are very proud to have many other different Ladies on the Calendar 2018. Ladies from all over the world are working for AROLLO. We are very lucky to have Fetish Liza from Hungary, Mistress Chiezie from the Philippines, Fetish Lady Cynthia from Germany, just to name some of them,  on the copy of 2018. 

So do not wait and get your copy of 2018. Note that this is a limited Edition. 

Last Update: 7. September 2017 • AROLLO Boots Calendar