AROLLO had the first Catwalk Show at Caspian Fashion Week

We are very proud about our first own Catwalk Show at Caspian Fashion Week this autumn 2017. In the past we had always shows together with other Designers. This time we had our first own show!!!

Olga Egorova, our AROLLO Boots brand ambassador organized the Show and reported to me the reaction of the people at the Caspian Fashion Week.
It was actually the best show  according to many attendees, the most dramatic and unusual. The show was started by specially invited vogue dancers who were also in the AROLLO Boots and after they performed their dance, they also walked the podium together with the models.

One of the vogue dancers was a young man, and he also wore AROLLO boots! Victoria Overknees! He danced first and then walked the podium with the female models.
 The models were in a cage in the beginning and were getting out of it, one by one, quite seductively to start their walk. 
The music was very dramatic too, and the walk very slow to give the chance to people to see the boots in all the details.

The models were clad in “self-made dresses” of sackcloth – it was to create a special effect of attracting all the attention to the BOOTS and to show even to those who were not familiar with AROLLO before, that the boots are the main heroes of the show. 

There were numerous pictures taken and videos filmed and posted in social media during and after the show, so many people came up to me praising the boots and the pure aesthetic beauty of the show, the models in the boots and the unexpected parts of the plot.
At this point i have to say thank you to Olga Egorova who is tireless in presenting and promoting AROLLO Boots in Russia. Thank you so much Olga for your great work.  We will continue with the Caspian Fashion Week in Spring 2018!!!
AROLLO´s first own Catwalk Show at Caspian Fashion Week – November 2017:
Last Update: 30. November 2017 • Fashion Week