Become a member of the AROLLO Boots family

You want to become a member of the AROLLO Boots family? Here you will read how it works.

AROLLO Boots worked with many, many Models from the fashion and fetish scene in the past. Ladies like Carrie Lachance, Lara Larsen, Lady Vanessa, Lady Tasha, Mistress Chiezie, Gina – Queen of Heels or Fetish Lady Cynthia are only a small selection of Models we worked with. 

All those Ladies do have several years experience of modelling and acting in front of a camera. They also all have theirs own Homepage and Social Media Account as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  They do have very good contacts to profession photographer. And what they all have in common is the love and passion for AROLLO Boots and being a member of the AROLLO Boots family. 

If you are already a member of the fashion or fetish scene, then perhaps just you are the new face of AROLLO Boots.  We are always looking for new Ladies to share the passion for high quality real leather Boots with us. If you want to become a AROLLO Boots Model just send your application to It is not important to us what your profession is. We are working with  Models from any kind of business. Fashion Models, Fetish Models, Dominas, Pornstars, and Celebrities as well. Even private persons worked also for us. 

Of course, we also offer newcomers and private persons a chance to get into the business of modeling High Heel Overknee Boots. Just use for your application. Be sure all mails will be answered. We will handle all personal details with care.  

Here some members of the AROLLO Boots family:



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AROLLO High Heel Plateau Overknee Boots ANNA3

The AROLLO High Heel Plateau Overknee Boots ANNA3 is for sure one of the hottest creations of our collection. For this style we used only high quality materials, like real leather. Excellent craftsmanship compared with an erotic design is making this Overknee Boots special. 

We choose a 16,5cm High Heel for those Boots, which are the highest heels in our collection. The plateau supports the natural movement, so your stel will be elegant and save. The shaft reaches about 10cm over the knee. Your legs will look longer and slimmer because of the slim cut we use.  The beige sole fits harmoniously into the rest of the design.

We are so proud to say that many Ladies, not only from the Fetish scene, adore those boots. Ladies like Carrie Lachance, Lady La Trisha, Lady Vanessa, Gina – Queen of Heels, Fetish Lady Cynthia or Stella van Gent  made this boots to theirs favorites. 

We also receive many, many positive customer reviews. Jose from USA wrote for example: Hi Michael, The boots arrived a week ago without problem. The quality of the leather and finishing is amazing, and the boots fits my wife’s legs as tight as we wanted.

Additional to the beige sole we, created a variant of this style with a heavy rubber sole. This sole remembers to the Austrian mountain boots and is made of non slip rubber. Perfect for walking on snowy or icy conditions. The name of the boots is Plateau Overknee ANNA3 Special Edition 

For all those, who like Thigh High Crotch Boots more than Overknees, we also offer both styles, with beige and heavy rubber sole, in a Thigh High version.  

Ladies in AROLLO Overknee Boots ANNA3:




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