Caspian Fashion Week, Solstice 2019, Female dominance

female dominance

Arollo at the Caspian Fashion Week June 9th 2019

Again this year we where part of the international well known Caspian Fashion Week in Astrakhan, Russia. Olga Egorova, our Arollo brand ambassador and co founder of the Caspian Fashion Week created a very special show for Arollo this year. We where able to present almost our whole collection. On Saturday June 7th Arollo provided the main show. After the last Model ran over the catwalk, the international audience applauded for minutes. Thank you Olga for this wonderful and successful show. Read here a report of the show…..

Solstice 2019

Yes, half of the year is already gone. On June 21th solstice where celebrated in many Countries all over Europe. Some years ago, Arollo had the pleasure to celebrate solstice in Norway. We where part of the locals and spend the whole night by the fire watching the sun never going down……

The fascination of female dominance

On our Blog from June 27th we tried to take a little bit closer look to the question what is the fascination of female dominance all about? For sure the answers to that question is not simple and there are more than just one or two. Read here about this theme, any recommends from your side are appreciated


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