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Over the years, we have worked with numerous glamor models from all over Europe. Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between a glam model and a fetish scene model? The word glamor is originally from Scotland and meant a magic spell or a bewitching. Today, glamor, among other things, is used for people who stand out from others by their particularly elegant appearance in the public. And that makes glamor models just the way to put our high-quality Thigh High and Overknee Boots properly in scene.

We at AROLLO have designed Overknee and Thigh High Boots from the beginning, which are above all wearable in public and on any occasion. Glamor Models, with their excellent taste to combine high quality boots for everyday use, are the most suitable advertising ambassador for this purpose.

Our very first collaboration with a glamor model we started a few years ago. With Monique Montiniére from Germany, we were able to cooperate with one of the most popular glamor models at this time . Numerous other cooperation’s followed, among others with Gina – Queen of Heels, Olga Egorova and the Russian models of the Caspian Fashion Week, etc.

We will continue to pursue this way of the advertising. It is important for us to point out that straight AROLLO boots are best suited to turn every wearer into a glamor model.

AROLLO Glamor Models present Overknee boots:

Last Update: 14. June 2018 • AROLLO Boots Models

Ayla Russian Fetish Queen in Arollo Queen Overknee Boots 

When AROLLO first met The Russian Fetish Queen we were just in our 4th year of our business selling Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots over the internet. 

Ayla – better known as The Russian Fetish Queen discovered our Boots while surfing in the net, looking for some special boots she can wear for her profession.  There was one style she fell in love with from the very first look. The AROLLO Thigh High Overknee Boots Queen. It was like a revelation, this boots must have been made for her. AROLLO Boots Queen made for a Queen. Nothing can be better. Ordering one pair of those gorgeous boots have been the next step. Only few days later she had them in her hands for the first time. 

The Queen boots fits her like a glove and she went out to do a professional photo shooting. One of Canada’s  cities has been the perfect location for the shooting. She was so happy about the fitting and the smooth leather. She told us that she never got tired feet, not even after a long shooting. The boots are just comfortable to wear as sneakers. 

The Russian Fetish Queen was so generous to provide us some pictures from the shoot. This was the beginning of a long time partnership which continues until today. 

Alya is absolutely profession and she helped a lot to make AROLLO bigger. Her wise advice helped a lot to make our products better. We never felt like there is someone always better known.  To honor her we put her on the AROLLO Boots Calendar 2016. She was the Lady of September, showing AROLLO Thigh High Boots Ferari at the Canadian Indian Summer. 

We want you to show some pictures from the very first shooting: The Russian Fetish Queen presenting the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen – Boots made for a Queen. 


Last Update: 5. October 2017 • The Russian Fetish Queen