Thigh High Victoria, Comeback Julie2, New Look

Thigh High Julie2

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria:

Since we offered the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria years ago for the first time, we always received requests why we do not offer this hot boots in men sizes. ow the time has come. From now on those elegant and sexy boots are available in big sizes, EU 45 and EU 46. We are sure those boots must be part of any Cross-dressers collection.

Comeback for AROLLO´s Thigh High Boots Julie2:

In 2019 we decided to not offer the Thigh High Boots Julie2 anymore. Due to the many inquiries from regular customers, fans and followers of our social media accounts, this model is back in our shop. You can order Julie2 since the end of August.  Julie2 are tight cutted and makes your legs look longer and much slimmer.

New Look for AROLLO´s Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma and Princess:

Also since the end of August we the Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma and Princess do have a new sole color. From time to time it is necessary to update the look for some AROLLO classic boots. For those two styles we decided to change the sole color into the typical AROLLO beige. This color gives them an extra eye catcher. The boots are looking more elegant, without losing any of theirs sexy look.

Thigh High Victoria, Julie2 and Overknee Roma and Princess:

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Steven Sandler, Corona, Thigh High Boots, new member in the AROLLO Boots Family

Miss Jade

Steven Sandler:

For the third collaboration with Steven Sandler, we where surprised that it was possible to surpass the first two sessions he have done for AROLLO. This time he used a new camera technic. The result was pictures form an other dimension. Pictures who are showing our boots in a totally different way. But to come to these pictures was also only Steven Sandler credit. We have agreed with Ms. Joi to work with our Victoria Overknee boots. Turing the Corona situation in the Los Angeles area, we lost the contact to her. So we asked Steven Sandler, who known her from a previous shooting, to get in touch with her. He did it, and arranged an shooting. The result was amazing.

AROLLO and Corona:

In our article from July 19, we tried to give you an overview of whether and how Corona will affect AROLLO’s business.  In a nutshell: Because of you, our regular customers and because of so many new customers, AROLLO did well during the look down. Read more here……

Are Thigh High Boots only for certain people?

This question, we tried to answer in our article form July 23rd. We are sure we can take some fears away from you if you spend 3 minutes by reading this Blog article.

Miss Jade – new in the AROLLO Boots Family:

In our last July article, we were honored to introduce our newest member of the AROLLO Boots family – Miss Jade. Miss Jade ordered a custom made pair of AROLLO Thigh High Boots ANNA2 Special Edition. Once she received the boots and found out that they fit like a glove, she sent some pictures to us to prove. We are of course happy to meet her request to join the AROLLO boots family.

Pictures from Steven Sandler and Ms Joi, and from Miss Jade

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