Price stability and New member in the AROLLO Boots Family

Price stability

AROLLO Price stability: 

Due to the current Corona pandemic and the current situation we are so proud to let you one thing know: We give you a price stability for the next month. In all business sectors, CEOs have to deal with rising prices for materials, transport and storage. We from AROLLO already acted 2020 at the beginning of the first Lockdown in Middle Europe. We set the course for 2021 more than a year ago. And so we can avoid the biggest problems today. And that is something that should also bring you an advantage. Read more about the AROLLO price stability here…..

Bijoux-Chocolate – New member in the AROLLO Boots Family:

In Mid April we where so proud to introduce to you our newest member in the AROLLO Boots Family  -Miss Bijoux-Chocolate. It is very rare and almost extraordinary to work with such a professional Lady. Everything we agreed was met on time. To get to know her better, read this article ……

Hard Winter 2020/2021

Winter 2020/2021 was one of the longest one since many years. Especially people form Tyrol, where AROLLO´s headquarter is located, long for spring after 5 Month of snow and cold temperatures. But this year it looked like the winter won´t give up. Snowfall and temperatures below zero in the middle of April was just unnecessary. But we found some advantage of that weather situation. Read here…….

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Photo Challenge 2021, new in the boots family

Photo Challenge 2021

Photo Challenge 2021:

Throughout March 2021 we hosted the AROLLO Photo Challenge 2021. All owners of AROLLO Overknee, Thigh High or Crotch Boots were invited to send us their pictures and videos showing them in their AROLLO Boots. It was the third competition we organized and, like the first two, a surprising success. So many participants used the chance to take place for the raffle of the main prize. The main prize was one pair of the hot AROLLO Chap Boots. Of course we wanted all senders to be winners. So, we gave away a 10% off Voucher to every single participant. On March 29th we raffled the main prize, which has been won by a Lady from Canada. Do not worry if you have missed out the AROLLO Photo Challenge 2021 this year. We will be back with the next edition 2022.

Leathermandy, new member in the AROLLO Boots Family:

Also in March 2021 we were lucky to introduce to you the newest member in the AROLLO Boots Family. With Leathermandy from Germany we were in touch for some years before we finally add her to the boots family. Various reasons and not least the corona pandemic were to blame that it took so long. We are all the happier now. The pictures of our first collaboration reach high level Click rate on Facebook and other social medias. Leathermandy shows in her pictures pure and 100% AROLLO style. Everyone who looks at the pictures can see how to combine high erotic boots for all day life. 

Participants of the AROLLO Photo Challenge 2021:

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