The three must have Overknee Boots for this autumn/winter

What are the must have Overknee Boots for this autumn/winter season 2017?AROLLO presents to you the three must have Overknee Boots. We have got three different styles for you and each one does have it’s own outstanding feature. The best is: All three styles will keep your legs warm on cold winter days. 

Our latest creation is absolutely made for wearing them in public. The 9cm Low Heel is a bit wider than usually and guarantees you a save step, also on snowy conditions. The boots are held in simple design, which is easy to combine.  Our latest AROLLO Boots Model shows how it works. 

This Overknees are, because of theirs 16,5cm High Heels, for Ladies with experience in walking on High Heels. But the main difference you will find on the sole. The sole of this Overknees is imitated to the Alpine Style of the Mountain shoes from the Alps. Together with the 6cm Plateau and the heavy rubber sole you won’t get into trouble by wearing them outdoors. They are non-slip even on snowy or icy conditions. Lara Larsen and Carrie Lachance are fans of those boots from the first hour. 

Last but not least we want you to show  the third Overknee Boots style. If you want an extra pair of boots more for parties and indoor events, than the Overknee Princess are just the perfect choice. The black high quality leather will surround your legs smooth. The 14cm High Heel is despite its height easy to handle. The 5cm plateau makes your step save and elegant. Customers love the red sole, which is the eyecatcher of this boots creation.  Lady Vanessa, Heike – The Fetish Queen and Lady Tasha are the most known ambassadors of the AROLLO Overknee Boots Princess.

Last Update: 7. September 2017 • AROLLO Boots

Easy shoe care for AROLLO Overknee Boots

You want to know how easy shoe care can be? All Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots from AROLLO are made of high quality real leather. Leather is a product of nature and needs special care to stay soft and elastic.

Before first wearing high quality leather Overknees from AROLLO impregnate the boots. Spray them for one time, let them try for 6 – 8 hours. Then use a shoe cream and cream them thinly. 

After you have worn your  Overknee Boots for a longer period, you should do the shoe care always in three steps:

First: Cleaning

Use a moist or soapy rag and clean up the dirt before you cream the Boots!! If there is a lot of dirt on the boots you can even use more warm water to remove the dirt. Be sure that all dirt is removed and let the boots try well. 

Second: Boots Care

Apply a suitable shoe cream. If you want a nice shine on your boots, add a drop of coffee to the shoe cream. Allow the cream to absorb well. To get a special shine on your boots use old nylon stockings for polishing them. 

Third: Impregnate

Always read the instructions for use of the individual sprays or creams. If you wear the Overknees a lot, repeat the impregnation in shorter intervals. Attention!!! The boots must be try at any time when you impregnate them. Real leather can keep moisture very well. So give your boots a rest after wearing them. Never try them on a radiator or directly in the sun. The leather would try to fast and will try out an get cracks. There will be no way to repair the leather. Try them slowly in the fresh air and putt some paper into the shaft. 

Store your boots open and put some stretcher into the shaft. So they will keep the form. 



Last Update: 29. June 2017 • AROLLO Boots