New in AROLLO Boots Family, Easter, Advantages

AROLLO Boots Family

New Ladies in the AROLLO Boots Family:

As always, it´s our pleasure to introduce to you new members in the AROLLO Boots Family. Last April we welcomed three new AROLLO Fans/Customers to the Family. Madame V, Matriarch Ezada Sinn and Chiara Binachino. Three international Ladies who prove that AROLLO Boots are every where. Madame V life in New York. The Matriarch Ezada Sinn calls Bucharest her home and Chiara Bianchino is an all Italian Girl from Rome. So, the United States of America, Romania and Italy are now even more firmly in the hands of AROLLO. Many thanks to all Ladies who make AROLLO even better known. If you want to become a member in the AROLLO Boots Family, and you already own a pair of AROLLO Boots, then send us your pictures. If you do not own AROLLO Boots then just send us your application. Both you can send to We will go in touch with you.

Easter and the Corona Crisis:

Guys, Easter this year no one will forget. Because of the Corona Crisis and all limitations we had to deal with, this year Easter was so different to the ones we used to know. We was not allowed to meet our family or our friends. But, somehow the most of us made their personally Easter great. We from AROLLO hope that all of you will come well through this crisis. Most important is to stay, or to become healthy. We wish you, form the bottom of our hearts, that you will also be able to look forward with optimism and may you not hit too hard economically.  

5 benefits of buying shoes Online:

In our last April article we published a Blog article form our guest author Leanne Brooks. Leanne took a close look to the benefits of buying shoes Online. You can read the whole article here….


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