AROLLO Overknee Boots Calendar 2018 available now!!!

Yes!!!- The AROLLO Overknee Boots Calendar 2018 is available now!!! Like every year AROLLO has not spared any costs and efforts to present you again a hot calendar this year.

Twelve international best known Models from the Fetish Scene were photographed in AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch boots. There is a fine mix between outdoor pictures and pictures which were made in the studio. 

2017 Lady Vanessa from Germany was our Covergirl for the AROLLO Boots Calendar. For 2018 we choose Gina – Queen of Heels as Model of the frontpage. Gina does have the typical AROLLO style which combines high quality real leather Overknees with high quality clothes. She mediated very well that AROLLO Boots can be use for any day and for any reason. 

Of course we are very proud to have many other different Ladies on the Calendar 2018. Ladies from all over the world are working for AROLLO. We are very lucky to have Fetish Liza from Hungary, Mistress Chiezie from the Philippines, Fetish Lady Cynthia from Germany, just to name some of them,  on the copy of 2018. 

So do not wait and get your copy of 2018. Note that this is a limited Edition. 

Last Update: 7. September 2017 • AROLLO Boots Calendar

International success with Overknee Boots

The Austrian Overknee Boots Brand AROLLO reached international success with selling high quality real leather Thigh High Crotch and Overknee Boots over the Internet.

When the two founder of AROLLO started with theirs first Overknee style, they realised very quickly that Austria is too small for such a niche product to earn enough for living. The result was, that they first used Ebay for placing theirs products on the international market. On Ebay it is very easy to place the different offers in different countries, like USA, Great Britain and Germany. 

Then, as second step, they offered alle theirs styles on the company’s own Online Shop in english language. Soon they reached many clients from all over the world. The advertising became more and more profession. All post and comment on the social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest are in english language and reaches thousands and thousands of fans. 

One of AROLLO´s greatest pride is, that so many international well known Ladies from the Fetish scene are so fascinated of theirs boots. Ladies like Ingela Swedish Exotica from Sweden, Jodie Ellen and Pocotoria from England,  Isabella Wolf from Austria, Fetish Liza from Hungary or Lady Tasha from Germany love to wear AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Boots.  

Over the years, the team of AROLLO collected so much knowledge about selling goods out of the EU, that customers nothing have to care about, except enjoying shopping at the Online Shop There you will find all those lovely boots with all information you need. If there are any questions unanswered you can use the Live Chat. Alle questions can be send to as well. You can be sure to get an answer within latest one working day. 

So hope to see you on  – Your AROLLO Boots Team 

Last Update: 5. July 2017 • AROLLO Onlineshop