Merry Christmas wishes AROLLO

Merry Christmas wishes AROLLO. The Advent season is the time of silence and tranquility. However, in our hectic world this is not always easy to get involved in this silence and tranquility. AROLLO wishes you that you will be able to spend at least the Christmas holidays in peace with your family. We all deserve a few days of rest and relaxation. Let’s recharge our batteries for the challenges that surely await us in 2018.

We from AROLLO would like to thank you for a fabulous year 2017. All of you made the year 2017 to a very successful and special one for us. Anyway, the word of mouth is the best way to make a brand strong. This is what you did. We would like to thank you for that. 

As you perhaps know, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. We are full in plan for some highlights  and some great changes 2018. You as our customer will benefit most of this changes. So stay tuned 2018 and watch what happens.

Your AROLLO Boots Team

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NEW!!!NEW!!! AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria

Waiting is over!!! AROLLO proudly presents the new Overknee Boots Victoria. It took a while till we were able to offer this brand new style. We wanted to create something different to the normal AROLLO style. For this Overknee boots we decided to use a only 9cm high Heel. This is the lowest heel in our collection so far. Also the design of the heel is different to the other we used bevor. It is much wider. In combination with the low height, this heel guarantees a elegant and for all a save step. This boots are made of high quality real leather like all other styles from the AROLLO company. The beige sole harmonizes with the rest of the design. The lining is also made in high quality, extra soft, leather and provides the special feeling of real leather on naked skin. 

Victoria Overknees are made for everyday use and for any reason. Customers can combine the boots from highly elegant to extra erotic. For the footbed we used the best materials. Ladies and Gentleman can wear this boots for hours, without getting tired feets or legs. 

For all those customers and Fans of AROLLO Boots who want this style even with a longer shaft, we offer the AROLLO Thigh High Crotch Boots Victoria. We used same materials and same design like we used for the Overknee style. The only difference is the length of the shaft.  High up to the crotch does makes the real difference. 

No matter if you choose the brand new Overknee Victoria or the Long Thigh High Crotch Boots Victoria, with this styles you will be always save. 

The brand new AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria:

Alternatively: AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Victoria:


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