10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Overknee Boots – Part I

10 good reasons to choose AROLLO Boots. In the world wide web are thousands and thousands offers for Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots. It is almost not possible to see clear through this dschungel of sellers and online shops.  AROLLO Boots offer 10 good reasons for you to choose the Nr. 1 for high quality Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots. 

1. At AROLLO you buy directly from the Designer

There is no one between the customer and the seller. No wholesaler, no middlemen only you and AROLLO. This is the way AROLLO can offer theirs high quality Boots for an attractive price. 

2. All styles are designed by AROLLO

Every year AROLLO designes 1 or 2 new Overknee or Thigh High Boots. All styles you will find at our  Online Shop are designed by AROLLO. We do take care to high quality materials. Only  real leather is used to produce ou boots. We renounce of latex or PU. The craftsmanship is very high and you will feel it by wearing our boots.

3. Exactly product description on our Online Shop 

On www.overknee-stiefel.net you will find all our currently available styles. Each style does have his own product description. You can find all necessary measurements and pictures which shows important details as well. Informatic side pages informs you about styling tips, materials, history of Overknee boots and much more. 

4. Right to return and money back guaranty: 

For sure you have the right to return your boots within 14 working days after delivery. You can return the boots without telling any reason. We offer a 14 days 100% money back guaranty as well. Your payment returns to your account within 1 working day after we received your boots. 

5. Additional Sales Platforms: 

Besides our own Online Shop we sell our Boots on Ebay and Amazon. On Ebay and Amazon are also no middlemen. AROLLO owns the accounts and operates them by theirs self. 

Read next week part II to choose AROLLO Boots for your next buy.

Last Update: 1. June 2017 • AROLLO Onlineshop

AROLLO Boots at the Caspian Fashion Week 2017

AROLLO was part of the Caspian Fashion Week 2017 in Astrakhan, Russia. International Designers presented their creations  from 20th to 24th April 2017.

The Caspian Fashion Week is meanwhile one of the popularest Fashion Shows in Russia. The location in Astrakhan is just a perfect place to do this event. Astrakhan is a 500.000 citizens large City located directly to the Wolga river, near the Caspian Sea.

Our AROLLO brand ambassador for Russia, Olga Egorova, organized a runway show together with the international well known Designer Marina Gurvich. Together with the creations of Marina Gurvich, AROLLO showed different styles of Overknee and Thigh High Boots. The reactions of the visitors and of the other Designers has been throughout positiv.

Marina Gurvich proved, that Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots have lost their “Bad Girl” image. Gone are the days were Overknee Boots has been worn only at home. With the right combination this kind of Boots are now wearable in public and for any reason. See below some examples of combinations of dresses designed by Marina Gurvich and AROLLO Boots. 

Olga Egorova did many interviews and showed up the advantages of AROLLO Boots. Olga owns some different styles of AROLLO Boots and wear them for years. So she knows exactly what she’s talking about. All in all we can say it was a very successful experience at the Caspian Fashion Week. But without Olga Egorova it would not be. 

The preparations for the next Caspian Fashion Week in autumn 2017 started already. We are looking forward to be a part of it again. 

For sure all the styles from the Caspian Fashion Week are available on our Online Shop. You can order there directly from the designer. There are no middleman, so a fair price for those high quality Overknee Boots is guaranteed.





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