AROLLO Overknee Boots a worldwide success

When the AROLLO company founders Manfred Abenthung and Michael Mariani started back in 2008 with the business idea to sell high quality real leather Overknee Boots, they did not thought, that this idea will be so successful. 

Mainly Ebay served as the first sales channel.

By the end of the year 2008 the first own Online shop was open to the customer. The first less sales went mainly to Germany and Austria. 

Both business men believed in the success of their products and they spend more time and money into developing a own modern Online Shop. In October 2010 the brand new Web store went on air under

The long way to international success began: 

In the first period the numbers of sales were not so high, like on Ebay they sold mainly to Germany and Austria. Mariani and Abenthung forced advertising for On and Off Page and within one year the numbers of sales increased more than 100% . The main focus has been at the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. On all of those platforms they run an own account, presenting the different styles of AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Crotch Boots. To reach more and more international customers all contributions and reports are in english language. 

After a few month the result shows up into more international sales. Suddenly AROLLO Overknee Boots were sold in countries like USA, Norway, Canady, Australia, Great Britain, Brasil. Also into exotic countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt and so on.

Many of our international customers turned into regular customers. They are making the brand AROLLO famous all over the world. Today we are proud to say, AROLLO is one of the best known brands for high quality real leather Thigh High Crotch and Overknee Boots. AROLLO stands for high quality real leather Boots to a fair price.

Pictures of AROLLO Boots all over the world:

AROLLO Overknee Boots in London

AROLLO Thigh High Crotch Boots Queen in Norway – Lofoten

AROLLO Thigh High Crotch Boots Queen in Canada

arollo overknees ny 6

AROLLO Thigh High Crotch Boots Queen in New York



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