What boots for what occasion, Valantin´s Day and much more


What boots for what occasion? That was the question we asked in one of our Blog Article in February. You will be surprised by reading the whole article. We go into more detail about the different types of boots. Explain which boot fits best for the occasion and what to look for. Get here the whole article…..

Valentine´s Day 2022:

Like each year we made the Valentin´s Day to a special one. This year we had a special offer for all our Newsletter Subscribers……

We make your boots dreams come true:

In the article from February 10th we showed you how to find the Overknee, Thigh High or Crotch Boots of your dreams. We have published a checklist that will help you simplify your search for the right boots. Due tue the enormous selection of different boots, it is often not that easy to find just the right one for you. Read here how you can make your search after the right Boots for your easier….

High Heels and no pain? 

The last article in February was dedicated to the theme of wearing High Heels, and especially High Heel Boots without painful feet. Get to know here, what makes AROLLO different to others……

Last Update: 2. March 2022 • AROLLO Boots

Made to measure, White Friday

made to measure

Made to measure:

Finally we can offer our special custom made boots again. For reasons of staff we could not offer this service for several months. We invested a lot of time, had a lot of discussions and of course invested some money until we finally found someone who fits to AROLLO. Since the beginning of November we can provide the made to measure service again. In our blog article from November 11th you can read what we can do and what is not possible for technical reasons. 

AROLLO White Friday:

We did it again. Like 2020 we turned the Black Friday into the White Friday. We offered the hot AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots in white to an absolutely special price. And like last year, it was an huge success. We are so thankful to all who took the chance to get these fabulous boots. We did not expect such a high number of sales. Thanks again to all of you. 

AROLLO Service for Christmas 2021:

We know, no one can hear about the Coronavirus anymore. But it is necessary to adjust some points of service for the time before Christmas, due to the current situation. Delivery time, Terms of return, availability of some articles and so on, are all topic we cover in our article. Read here all details.  

Last Update: 29. November 2021 • AROLLO Boots