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Besteller back in stock:

Due the the Corona Pandemic also we had to struggle with broken delivery chains. The more happy we are now to let you know that all AROLLO Bestseller are back in stock!! Since mid January you can order following Overknee and Thigh High Boots again in our Online Shop 

  • Long Overknee ANNA2
  • Long Overknee ANNA2 Special Edition
  • Long Overknee Victoria 
  • Long Overknee Queen
  • Overknee ANNA3
  • Overknee Queen
  • Overknee ANNA3 Special Edition

We would be happy to count you also to one of our satisfied customers by owning one of our bestseller.

Pole Dane:

Also in January we took a closer look to the trend Pole Dance. Under the title “Pole Dance shoes – erotic Overknee boots for pole dance” we collected all information about history and gear and much  more. Today Pole Dance is trending like never before. Read here the whole article: 

Fetish Ladies love the new boots from AROLLO:

The latest creation in our house has been the Thigh High Boots Kim. We introduced them to you last September. Since than, many Fetish Ladies from all over the world decided to have at least one pair of those boots. And this for a main reason: Those boots are all-rounder. Weather for a professional session or a relaxing walk through the nature, those boots are the best for both. Take a look to a small selection of Fetish Ladies showing their AROLLO Thigh High Boots Kim. 

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Extremely high shaft, 5 Tips, year 2021 in review

extremely high shaft

Extremely high shaft Overknee Boots:

Overknee Boots extremely high shaft – this is what people most enter to Google when they search after boots. So, we wrote an article exactly to this matter. In this article you will get to know all important things about technical terms relating to the topic of boots, Styling Tips, Material and much more. Read here the whole article……

How to conceal strong thighs:

Arollo offers many different kind of boots. And also different are the circumferences of the boots shaft. Beside that we offer also custom made boots we know that not everybody want to invest in custom made boots. So we wrote a article to give you 5 Tips how ti conceal strong thighs.  Go, and get your Tips here…….

Year 2021 in review:

2021 was not an easy year for either of us. Corona hit us almost all. Sure, not everyone in the same way, but almost all of us nonetheless. At AROLLO, we survived the year 2021 well, but the pandemic hit some areas of our business. But all in all 2021 was a successful year, because you as our Fans, Followers and Customers have been so loyal to us. We are very thankful for that. You can read a little review of the year 2021, with all its highlights here……

We are full of joy to start together with you into the year 2022. We are optimistic things will get better and better each day, because we slowly learn to live with the virus. 




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