How to stretch genuine leather boots

How to stretch genuine leather boots. Many customers of genuine leather Overknee Boots know this problem. You received high quality leather boots. When drying them on it turns out that the shaft is a little bit too narrow. 

We from AROLLO Boots do have many years of experience in dealing with genuine leather boots.  Our team found out 2 methods which works out best to stretch the boots shaft.

Method 1: The shaft is just about 1 to 1,5cm too narrow. Perhaps you can not close the zipper fully. Here is how it works: Put on the boots. Put a towel into very hot water. Wring out the towel well. Place the towel around the narrow part. Leave it there until it is cold. Repeat this for several times. The leather gets warm and will stretch for 1 to 1,5cm in circumference. Do not worry, you can not damage the leather by doing this, as long as you wring out the towel really well. 

Method 2: You dried on the boots and you find out you need more then 1,5cm circumference. 2,5-3cm more would be perfect. In this case you need help from a profession shoemaker. Any profession shoemaker does have a stretching machine in his workshop. The boots are put into this machine. It is possible to stretch the whole shaft at his total length or just a part of it. The boots will stay for at least 2-3 days in this machine. The combination of a little bit power and heat is responsible for the perfect result.  With this method you reach 2,5 – 3cm extra circumference and it is very cheap. 

For all those Ladies and Gentlemen who needs more circumference AROLLO offers also boots made to measure. We can change the shaft into almost any circumference you need. Find out more about boots made to measure. 

Here some examples of stretched boots – made with Method 1:

Last Update: 31. August 2017 • AROLLO Boots lexicon