The very first AROLLO Boots Model

Today we look back to the very first AROLLO Boots Model. We will take you right back  to the beginning of promoting AROLLO Boots successfully. 

When we first started our business in selling Overknee and Thigh High Boots, we soon thought about how to promote them best. We already owned a Facebook account. On Facebook we saw a lot of Ladies presenting themselves as a Fetish Diva, Glamour Model or even as a Fetish Queen. Also we recognized that most of this Ladies had many followers.  But we did not thought, that those Ladies would be interested in working with us. So we put this thought aside again. 

Slow but steady AROLLO Boots was better known. The day came, as our very, very first Model got in touch with us asking if she can model our boots. Her name was Stella van Gent. Happily surprised as we were, we worked out a fair deal. Few weeks later, the first pictures were published, showing one of the most popular Fetish Models at this time wearing AROLLO Boots.  We worked together for some years until Stella van Gent got retired from modelling. Her pictures  are still hot and amazing, reaching one of the best click rates. 

Stella van Gent wearing AROLLO Overknee Boots ANNA3  

Stella van Gent presenting AROLLO Thigh High Boots:

Stella van Gent in AROLLO Thigh High Boots Ferari:

Last Update: 31. August 2017 • AROLLO History