Your vote was clear – your favorite Thigh High Boots


Your vote was clear. We invited you throughout April to vote for your favorite Thigh High Boots from Arollo.  From our four best-selling models, you had the choice to select your favorite. Thigh High Boots Princess, Queen, Anna2 and Victoria were up for election. 

The result was clear: With 35% of the votes Thigh High Queen reached unchallenged the 1st place. Followed by the Thigh High Princess and close behind the Thigh High Victoria. Anna2, which admittedly have a very special design landed on the 4th place. 

Thank you to all participants. You have chosen the best. 

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In May, we again had a lot of informative things to report. We took a look back to the beginning of Arollo in the year 2008. How did all start? Why we succeed? The long way to become Europeans Nr. 1 for Overknee and Thigh High boots. What is important to stay on first place? You can help us to achieve this goal. Send us your suggestions what we can do better. Any types of boots your are looking for and never found? What you always wanted it to offer Arollo? Send us your comments to We answer to every single mail. 

In another article we took a closer look to the theme of Pole Dance shoes – and of course in our case to Pole Dance boots. From history to equipment we go through all important information. Pole Dance is much more than just part of entertainment in  certain Clubs. Go to the article here: 

Blue Jeans and Overknee Boots – what an exiting topic!! Here you will find out how to combine Blue Jeans right with Overknee or even Thigh High Boots, and much more. 

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Your vote for Arollo´s Nr. 1 Thigh High Boots


Last Update: 31. May 2023 • AROLLO Onlineshop